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Arel Hope recognizes the fact that when there is an addict or alcoholic in the family, all members are greatly affected. There is imbalance in relationships and negative emotions rule: anger, resentments, shame, guilt, grief, helplessness and hurt. The family members also need support to heal and empower themselves.

Designed by Rajeshwari Luther, who has over 10 years experience of working with families, the Arel Hope Family Support Program is specifically tailored to meet the distinct needs of spouses, children, parents and other family members affected by addiction.

Grounded in the same 12-step recovery principles that Arel Hope teaches alcoholics and addicts, the family support program allows people to recover independently or in partnership with a family member who is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction.

The Arel Hope Family Support Program

The Arel Hope Family Support Program informs and educates through power point presentations, comprehensive literature, regular e-mails and frequent intervention sessions

  • Provides critical support to family members from experienced counselors
  • Educates families about addiction, codependency and the process of recovery
  • Offers one-on-one counseling sessions so they can move their personal and family recovery forward
  • Helps family members re-rebuild communication and trust and open up the lines of communication with the addict or alcoholic through Family Communication Exercises and interventions
  • Introduces family members to Al-Anon meetings in their community


  • “ Rehab, I thought, was a place where people with addiction problem go and stay so that they can break the cycle of addiction. I also thought that once in a rehab, people get lot of time to exercise, read, think and work on themselves. For me it meant freedom from...... ”
    Naresh G (Pune, India)
  • “ I had been to four rehabs in US prior to my admission at Hope. I was a little skeptical in the beginning. I guess it was coming from my inflated ego and a bloated sense of self. Slowly, I was shown my real self. No doubt it was a painful process, but absolutely...... ”
    D Ghosh, Arizona, USA
  • “ My son had been using hard drugs for a long time and had been to several treatment centers in US. He also developed a psychiatric disorder, most likely from long-term abuse of alcohol and drugs. He also had several encounters with law enforcement agencies. A friend...... ”
    Dr. Raghav Shastry, Chicago, USA
  • “ I am very grateful for the new life Hope has given me. I was on cocaine and lost all senses and relationships. Now I am working and back to my wife and children. Thank you, Hope! ... ”
    Mohammed A, Sultanate of Oman
  • “ I came to Hope a beaten man. Physically, mentally and had lost my wife, my job and my self-esteem. I stayed at the rehab for 5 months and slowly things began to fall in place. The staff is wonderful. Thanks! ... ”
    Aloke K, Ahmedabad, India
  • “ My greatest moment in life was when I decided to enter the gates of Hope. All changed. My family now trusts me and I have a good job. I am able to see the reality instead of living in an imaginary world. Thank you, Hope ... ”
    James Hill, Birmingham, UK
  • “ Namaste. I wish to thank you after my discharge in the middle of March, but also wished to have that ‘thanks’ mean something. So, I wished to wait to apply the principles which you and the others at Hope taught me each day and thereby lend more weight to...... ”
    Prasad K
  • Abstinence driven, 12 step based treatment module
  • Managed by professionals with over 10 years of experience in addiction treatment
  • In association with Hope Trust – India's premier rehab
  • International affiliation with a leading treatment facility in Toronto, Canada
  • Treatment based on WHO-approved 12-steps program
  • Full gamut of treatment services: from detox to relapse-prevention and family support
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